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How it all began...

Marc and Cynthia Callendar created Sleep Master after Marc was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea,  which prevented him from going into healthy REM sleep.  As you can imagine, many times, he was a walking zombie.  We searched for and he tried every remedy out there including every mask.  Many years ago, on a ski trip with our young children noisily playing in a small ski cabin, Marc pulled a neck gator over his eyes and ears.  When he woke up from one of the most restful naps of his life, we realized what elements were missing from standard sleep masks and set out to create the perfect mask.  Obviously, the final product works much better than a polar fleece circle scarf, but the inspiration was that simple.  This invention, whose mother was definitely necessity, incredibly, has improved his sleep dramatically, where other sleep masks, drugs and extensive surgery, had failed.  Today, he is a new person, as are the hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries of the now time-tested Sleep Master design

Why is Sleep Master one of the best selling sleep masks in the world?

BECAUSE WE CARE! We leave no detail of our masks to chance. After years of careful research and more trial and error than we like to think about, each is painstakingly made by hand with the finest materials we can buy, to EXACTING (well-researched and tested) specifications.

They are not unethically mass manufactured in some third world country but produced by hand in the heart of the United States.The quality materials and workmanship are provided for extravagant comfort and at the same time, to allow the masks to stand up to washings. Our customers realize our commitment to excellence when they open the package and touch and see the quality, and then it is brought home when they magically awaken the next morning, having slept an entire peaceful night for maybe the first time in years.

Is it hypoallergenic?

Yes! The outer shell is made of fine polyester stretch satin and the interior is lofty yet lightweight cotton and polyester; no latex or foam here. The superior quality materials and construction of Sleep Master allows for repeated washes, making Sleep Master longer-lasting and more hygienic and a better value than other sleep masks on the market.

With its unique patented design, Sleep Master is an adjustable sleep mask with built-in sound muffling.

Sleep Master was invented for people with sleeping difficulties, for those who just enjoy napping during the day or while traveling, and even for those whose partners insist on watching TV or reading late into the night. Sleep Master is an all-in-one sleep mask that combines light elimination and sound reduction, the conditions necessary for deep sleep. Sleep Master's comfortable fit and relaxing effect quickly induces an amazingly deep and refreshing sleep or nap.

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