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LOQI MAD Indian Bag Travel Tote, 50 cm, 15 liters, Multicolour (Indian)

LOQI MAD Indian Bag Travel Tote, 50 cm, 15 liters, Multicolour (Indian)

Let the swirl of flourishing pine trees and fanciful flowers bring magical moments to you. Carry your new tote bag wherever you go.


LOQI is thrilled to announce its first ever collaboration with the iconic Musée des Arts Décoratifs. Musée des Arts Décoratifs is a museum of the decorative arts and design located in the world-famous The Louvre in Paris and covers the whole sweep of the French history and the phenomenal French ‘Art of Living’.


LOQI Reusable 2 strap hand held Tote bag "Mad Indian " comes with separate zipped pouch


We stock the UK's largest variety of LOQI bags.


Expect excellence from Berlin, Germany! This is one of the best rated reusable bags on AMAZ0N with a Worldwide customer rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 (22 customer reviews)



These bags are compact and can be stored into your purse, pocket or luggage until you are ready to use them. Use it for shopping, on the beach, or on holiday as your carry on luggage!


Conveniently store these reusable shopping/tote bags in three different ways.


1) Fold and insert into the included zippered pouch.

2) Roll up into a tiny bundle and close with the snap strap

3) Stuff opened bag into the interior packet (and use your zippered pouch for something else!)


Each fashionable bag supports up to 44 lbs. and is water-resistant. There is an inner pocket that is good for carrying keys, phone and wallet.

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