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Loqi National Geographic Tote Bag- Indian Peafowl

Loqi National Geographic Tote Bag- Indian Peafowl

National Geographic Indian Peafowl


Mystery solved. When a peacock struts his stuff, our attention immediately turns to his elaborate plumage with its colourful eyespots. The eye spots evolved to please the ladies. Catch attention with this tote bag! Photo Ark by photographer Joel Sartore specializes in documenting endangered species. With your help, we can take action to save charming, fierce, and wonderful creatures: A revenue share of each sale of these bags is donated to help further the work of National Geographic scientists, explorers, and educators worldwide. PHOTO ARK ™ and © Joel Sartore, © 2020 National Geographic Partners, LLC.


The handy Eco Bags from LOQI are easy to carry and put away in your bag. They only weigh 55 grams and you can take up to 20 kg. The handles are 27cm to make it easy for you to use it as a handbag or a shoulder bag. The LOQI Eco Bags are available in many different colours and prints.


LOQI Eco Bags are 100% recycled. They use Green Circle material, to Greenpeace electricity, to FSC certified packaging and to sustainable shipping partners to reduce emissions. As a next step, LOQI will identify more reduction areas with Planetly. LOQI is committed to reduce and avoid emissions wherever possible.

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