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The World's most widely reviewed noise reduction and light eliminating Sleep Mask

On the USA site the Standard Sleep Master sleep mask has over 3,000 reviews making it the most widely reviewed premium sleep mask in the world over the last decade. Our own has the Deluxe version of the Sleep Master sleep mask with 4.7 stars from UK customers. The Standard mask is identical to the Deluxe version except the Deluxe comes with a carry case and also has a small storage pocket for the reusable earplugs (both of which are ideal for traveling). They both have exactly the same light elimination and noise reduction benefits and are both made to the same

high-quality specification which is long-lasting, reusable and comes with identical durable and washable noise reduction earplugs. Amazon charge us a £6.52 seller fee to avoid this & save money buy direct from your Sleep Master supplier here


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