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Emma Watson wearing sleep master
Reviews from UK & Europe

Sunday Times Travel Magazine - UK March 2020

Featured in the Sunday Times "Hotlist" (not an ad or gifted item) as "The Silent One" because the combination of reusable high noise reduction earplugs (retained in place by noise muffling material covering the ears) reduces noise by over 40 decibels.


Emma Watson`s Instagram Story - Paris Press Tour 

Emma Watson posted on her Instagram account resting with her "Deluxe" version of the Sleep Master during the "Beauty And The Beast" press tour in Paris.The "Deluxe" version has an Amazon UK rating of 4.7 stars. It is identical to the standard version except for an attractive carry case and storage pocket for the reusable ear plugs

The World's most widely reviewed noise reduction and light eliminating Sleep Mask

On the USA site the Standard Sleep Master sleep mask has over 3,000 reviews making it the most widely reviewed premium sleep mask in the world over the last decade. Our own has the Deluxe version of the Sleep Master sleep mask with 4.7 stars from UK customers. The Standard mask is identical to the Deluxe version except the Deluxe comes with a carry case and also has a small storage pocket for the reusable earplugs (both of which are ideal for traveling). They both have exactly the same light elimination and noise reduction benefits, are both made to the same

high-quality specification which is long-lasting, reusable and comes with identical durable and washable noise reduction earplugs. Amazon charge us a £6.52 seller fee to avoid this & save money buy direct from your Sleep Master supplier here

Sleepmaster 2LLL.jpg
Sleepmaster 1LLL.jpg

"Night 1 - I started by doing the usual hygiene bits, planned my outfit for the next day, grabbed my book and a brew then settled down. After an hour I started to feel sleepy so I seized the Sleep Master and put it on – it sat perfectly, didn’t feel like a weight on my face, and blocked all the light and muffled the sound – I tested this with my TV and light on! It comes with reusable earplugs (and a built-in pocket to store them!) 
Waking up felt good – the mask stayed on all night (I like a good fidget so this was a plus) and I genuinely felt it was a fluke so I thought I would try it again.

Night 2 - Same as night one, I got settled popped on the mask and dozed – again I woke up feeling great with the mask still firmly in place.

Night 3- I got intrigued by the satin material and how this would react with my hair – my hair is a kind of in-between straight and curly (frizzy) thick mess half the time and I was worried about if I used the mask while my hair was damp would it kink or frizz more…
Same as previous nights, I settled down but this time with freshly washed, damp hair and woke up feeling great and looking great! No frizz or kinks to be seen.


Night 4 - I had a little routine going on and it was fab! I was feeling better in the mornings and actually rising earlier (I normally get up 20 minutes before I’m due to leave the house) so it was nice to enjoy a cup of tea in the mornings before facing the crappy winter weather of the UK.

My thoughts overall?
This Sleep Master is fantastic and really helped me get better sleep and be more productive – I would be still in my routine of dozing off with the TV on at 4 am if Sleep Master hadn’t sent me this. The sound muffling is something that I am a big fan of – I haven’t tried it around Aiden (who has a tendency to snore) yet – but this will definitely be in my holdall when we travel to Turkey later this year. I would actually go so far as to say this is a staple in my nighttime routine now."

No.12 Rose Mildly critical 6 point 5 std

"The Sleep Master® Sleep Mask made a difference to my sleeping pattern and I managed to get some sleep and managed to stay asleep. The mask blocked out all light and the sound was indeed muffled as the thick mask covered my ears too.


Once on, the mask was surprising comfortable and I loved feeling the padded satin on my eyes, the v-shaped opening for the nose also added to the comfort. The material was so soft and lightweight, I could barely feel it on my skin.


The Sleep Master® Sleep Mask has really made a difference to my sleep and it was great for blocking out the light, the mask ensured that I went to sleep and stayed asleep"


"Because of its large size, it doesn’t allow light to sip in around the nose area thanks to its well-designed v-shape which is perfect. The feel of the mask is soft and I found my makeup stayed largely in place with little to no smudging but touch-ups are essential."

A July Dreamer - Standard Sleep Mask Review

HazelMuzzings blog pic.png
8th August 2019

"The mask delivers on all promises, sometimes I don't even use the earplugs as the light is blocked so well and feels so comfortable that I would go to sleep no matter the noise :) I have not tried other but the classic sleep mask with a rubber band which just feels like it's a bad experience after trying these ones."

                                                                                                          Dobrica Decebal Incredibly "Soft and Effective"

                                                                                                          Posted on Amazon UK

no 1 deluxe 9 out of 10 enjoy (1).png

28th July 2019

"SO comfortable and really blocks out the light. You absolutely need this in the summer months! Really happy with this purchase."


                                                            Posted on Amazon UK

Video Reviews

Take a look at this great video review by a Sleep Master customer! From September 9, 2010.

May 24th 2018

Best on the market, worth the extra cost

"Love this product. I would never fly without it.It blocks out more light and is more comfortable than the rest.Combined with ear plugs, it muffles the sound far better than ear plugs alone".

Posted on
April 30th 2018

Fantastic Nights Sleep 

"Purchased this after reading about it in Tools Of The Titans by Tim Ferris. Used it for the first time last night. It’s super comfortable to wear. You do not really know it is on. It stays in place and does block out all light. Had a great nights sleep. Recommended,"

Posted on 

4.7/5* Reviews Sleep Master Deluxe

January 29, 2011 We received this endorsement from Vincent of New Jersey. Vincent is a repeat customer who has purchased Sleep Master sleep masks for himself, his mother and friends. Thank you, Vincent! 

Our 2015 USA review is from the highly acclaimed “Top Ten” site:

….. putting Sleep Master as the Number One sleep mask in the USA.

December 06, 2017

"This sleep mask is great! I sleep much better and longer. It also helps reduce unwanted noise as it covers your ears. I highly recommend"

Mark Sanbach

Posted on

November 20, 2017

Worth Every Penny!

Everyone should have one of these. I could sleep deeply up on the deck in a busy harbour, or in daylight, wearing this. I wouldn’t go anywhere to stay without mine.o about this item...

Mrs S Shanie

Posted On

October 16, 2017

"Been using this for a couple of years now. Feels fine, no irritation, very comfortable. Blocks out all light."

A Bates

Posted on Amazon UK

February 21, 2017

“Best Eyemask on Market...!! YES


“Best mask on market....! Works a dream, so light to the touch and really muffles sound. Highly recommended”

Harry Matadeen

Posted on Amazon UK

December 15, 2016

“Excellent product”

“Simply the best eye mask I have come across, it think it is very hard to find a perfect mask given the different diameters of people heads but this one is by far the best for keeping out light and sound, as well as overall comfort.”


Reviewed on EBay

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The 2017 review is a Podcast excerpt by fitness guru Ben Greenfield interviewing best selling author Melissa Ambrosini.

Reviews from Sleep Master® USA 

December 09, 2019

"All around an awesome product, I work nights and use this to sleep on break. It’s great, blocks the light, silky soft, earplugs were a bonus."

Add to cart, get shut eye

MEAGHAN Verified Purchase

November 12, 2018

"'Bought these to use with a full- face CPAP mask. It’s been outstanding. Was worried that the fabric would be a little see-through, would stretch out over time or would lose its stitching. None have happened aside from a little pilling. So good in fact that I’m ordering another pair in case these are no longer available in a few years (which I doubt).s this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention..."

Have used for a year. All good.

Thales2112 Verified Purchase

June 12, 2019

"Love this. You will not regret purchasing. Super comfortable."

                                                                      June 13th 2019 Verified Purchase          

Jack Lauzon


November 22, 2018

"It is soft, keeps the light out, covers my ears and due to its size, it is easy to find in the dark before the morning light peeks through. It feels great in the summer and winter!"

                                                                                  November 22, 2018

                                                                         Verified Purchase


“Very Comfy to Sleep In!”

October 06, 2012

five-star review *****

Bought a pair about 5 years ago and they still are comfortable and stay put. much more padding than the cheaper kinds that are out there. my wife bought these on my recommendation.

C. caseyon

Posted on

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