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Deluxe Sleep Master® Sleep Mask

Deluxe Sleep Master® Sleep Mask

Sleep Master® Deluxe Sleep Mask Features:



  • Deluxe version is the same as the standard Sleep Master, but also has a built-in earplugs storage pocket and drawstring carry pouch
  • Revolutionary patented sleep mask - voted #1 In USA in 2016
  • *Best rated Sleep Mask in the UK - Amazon UK November 2017
  • Really flexible, durable, wide band, wraps around your head and is easily connected at the back by velcro strips
  • Supplied with the highest Std Noise Reduction (SNR37) rated reusable ear plugs available on the market today which with the thick padded band reduces noise significantly
  • Superb light blocking with DOUBLE noise reduction. Hand washable lasts for ages
  • Wonderfully light-weight, soft, cool satin fabric, that is comfortable and breathable. Perfect for travel.


Sleep Master TM LOOK NO FURTHER! You've found what our customers believe to be the BEST sleep mask on the market.This elegant and patented sleep mask has the highest ranking (with over 4.7 out of 5 stars) of any Sleep Mask on Amazon – UK. A good night's sleep is finally within reach. Hundreds of thousands sold worldwide with a more than 97% customer approval rating! CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED! Voted Number 1 Sleep Mask in the USA. Featured in "Men's Health" and "Smarter Traveller" Magazines. The Revolutionary Product: After extensive research, the inventor of SLEEP MASTER (an insomniac) couldn't find a sleep mask that combined the conditions necessary for deep sleep: light elimination and sound reduction. Traditional sleep masks didn't fit or last. They all had thin elastic straps that shift uncomfortably during sleep, fray apart quickly or simply snap off after only a few uses, as well as disastrous washing results! Thus was born SLEEP MASTER utilizing a soft, cool satin fabric, that is comfortable, LIGHT WEIGHT AND BREATHABLE, FLEXIBLE, DURABLE, wide and easily connected in the back by Velcro. The ear area is padded for sound muffling. It stretches or constricts for the fit you desire. SLEEP MASTER is a simple, all-in-one, one-size-fits-all product, which ELIMINATES LIGHT and REDUCES SOUND, giving you a deep, refreshing sleep by shutting out the world in an immediate, intimate way. ~~Normal use MUFFLES SOME SOUNDS (approximately 10 decibels), providing a sense of separation from ambient activity and noise. For the most effective sound elimination, you may choose to insert the top noise reducing ear plugs on the market today these 37 dBs ear plugs (provided with the mask) before placing SLEEP MASTER around your head, which (when combined) will block out almost 50 decibels of sound holding ear plugs securely in place. These ear plugs have a smooth tapered finish which makes fitting easier and helps form a comfortable fit. Rolling down to insert this makes fitting them so easy correct fit is guaranteed!



Price excludes duty and taxes 

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