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Your Sleep Master  Mask


Built in sound muffling

The Revolutionary Sleep Mask by Sleep Master®  - Featuring Total Light Elimination and Our Built-In Sound Muffling

Light elimination
Built in sound muffling
One size fits all
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Sleep Master’s soft, cool breathable fabric and comfortable fit create a relaxing effect, quickly inducing an amazingly deep and refreshing sleep. It is not only an eye mask which blocks all unwanted light, as our wrap around design, padded ear area and smooth tapered ear plugs also provide permanent noise reduction. A traditional sleep blindfold / black out mask only covers your eyes and is clumsy as well as uncomfortable. These basic eye masks also provide no noise relief, as they require separate use of ear plugs, which constantly fall out with the head movement associated with normal sleep.

Sleep Master has established itself as the World’s best selling premium Sleeping mask with hundreds of thousands sold since 2008. The superior quality materials and construction of Sleep Master allows for repeated hand washings, making this hypoallergenic sleep mask longer – lasting, more hygienic and therefore better value than other sleep masks on the market. In a recent assessment of ALL  Sleep Masks sold in the USA it was voted the Number One mask in ANY category by   

The Deluxe version of Sleep Master is the top rated Sleeping Mask on Amazon UK being the only one with over 4.7 stars (December 2017). It is ideal for travellers  as it includes an attractive carry case and storage pocket to prevent your ear plugs getting lost.

Don't take our word for it - read what our customers have to say

Emma Watson - Wearing Sleep Master® Mask

A friend whose husband tends to snore badly, has had sleep problems for some time and when I had the chance to try this sleep mask, I thought it might help her. She tried it immediately I gave it to her and she had the best night's sleep she had had for a long time. Since then she has used it each night and has been sleeping well and her husband's snoring has not troubled her anywhere near as much

Adele Robertson - Midlothian


This mask is fantastic, I work nights and my blackout curtain is useless, so this has helped me a lot, it does block out the noise if you use the ear plugs, would be good on a plane as well, great bit of kit the perfect sleep solution.

David Barnsley – Kent

I suffer from insomnia and this has to be the best sleep mask I have ever tried! It blocks out all the light, and I mean ALL the light so these mornings when the sun is up at 3 am are no longer the start of my day. Helps with power naps during the afternoon too. What is different here is that the mask fastens securely round your head, and doesn't slip like those masks with the elastic bands. 

Karen Davies - Monmouthshire

As a Long Haul Pilot minimising jet lag is a crucial requirement. I have found this combination of total light and sound reduction enable me to obtain natural sleep much easier during daylight hours without having resort to drugs like Melatonin – priceless for any shift worker! 

Dave Eastham - Surrey


I must say l have not slept so soundly for years, awake feeling refreshed after a very good night’s sleep. Made from a better material than the silk eye mask I used to use if you want to improve the quality of your sleep this is the best £25 you can spend! 

Ian Houghton - Oxfordshire


Take a look at this great video review by a Sleep Master customer! From September 9, 2010.

January 29, 2011 We received this endorsement from Vincent of New Jersey. Vincent is a repeat customer who has purchased Sleep Master sleep masks for himself, his mother and friends. Thank you, Vincent! 

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