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Five Mothers Day gifts for Five types of Mum

On the one day of the year that a Mum really wants to be appreciated how do you make sure you get it right. Sure the gift is not the only significant thing that determines how well the day goes but the thought that goes into the gift is at least as important as the item itself.

A present that displays a complete lack of consideration / understanding of the Mum in question is almost as bad as no gift at all. There are of course many different types of Mother at many of the different stages of Motherhood. Feel free to add your own but five of the most common traits are listed below.

(1)The Bonding Mum

Once a baby starts to gain its independence and make friends outside the inner circle of the family home anything which regularly reinforces those early life bonds is incredibly important to a caring Mother. The Dream Pillow is a new award winning idea from the USA (also the top rated child pillow in 2018) It promotes an evening parent ritual where any concerns or worries that all little ones experience can be shared and discussed before they start to dwell on them once the lights go out.This can replaced be positive thinking, visualisation of nice dreams and writing/drawing those thoughts onto a Dream Wish Note slipped inside the tunnel running through the Dream Pillow. As well as keeping you close by shining a light on the inside of your child's mind it enhances the relationship between Parent and Child.This Image Rehearsal Technique is also proven to reduce nightmares and promote healthy quality sleep which benefits everyone.

There are three types of Dream pillow. The original in white comes with an illustrated book, The other two have their own characters Lamby brings sweet dreams with a loving heart. Sharky is the more adventurous and confidence inspiring Dreamimal. For a 20% discount on all items enter the code PILLOW at

(2) The chillaxing /cheese eating Mum

The largest cheeseboard set in the UK with average ratings in Germany,France and the USA of 4.7out of 5 on Amazon. For the unique "Top Ten"features of this premium quality cheeseboard checkout

(3) The get up and go all action Mum

At just over 500 ML the largest capacity bamboo thermos / drink tumbler in the world. Keeps drinks warm for 12 hours / cold for 24 hours. Includes an infuser for tea or fruit...for the top ten features see

(4) For the wise / experienced Mum

Worried about avoiding premature facial wrinkles reduce the impact of aging with the scientifically proven Juverest anti sleep wrinkle pillow.

(5) For the sleep deprived Mum

Probably applies to all categories of Mother. This light eliminating / noise reducing mask was voted Number One in the USa in 2016. Over 500,000 have been sold worldwide.

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