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Why the Secret to winning the "Bedtime Battle" is not obvious to Parents - Child Dream Wis

Between the 24th Oct and 17th Dec 2019 well over a third of the 8,120* Parents, children and sleep loving adults following Sleep Master Europe and Dream Pillow UK responded to five questions about their favourite dream.

12 (Joint) - OWNING A THEME PARK AND/OR A CHOCOLATE CASTLE / FACTORY (3.4%). In joint 12th position is a dream where the child becomes the boss or owner of their favourite theme park and / or a chocolate factory.

Many became Willy Wonka…but our favourite Dream was that of

Adele age (10) who became boss of Alton Towers and lived in the castle (which was made from Chocolate).

14 - DRIVING (MAINLY) BIG STUFF (3.3%). In this top dream the children could often drive but their chariot of choice was often surprising.

Although a few choose sports cars most went for bigger diggers, lorries, cement mixes and several even choose garbage trucks.

The top dream though involved driving monster trucks like those draw here by Brady.

15 - ON THEIR FAVOURITE HOLIDAY - NORMALLY DISNEY LAND OR THE SEASIDE (3.2%). Perhaps surprisingly this ranked much lower down the Children’s top dream list than it did on the adults.

The one we liked the best was the girl who travelled around Europe on a bouncy castle (although 90% of the children who picked this choose either a visit Disney Land or the beach as their most cherished holiday dream).

Cayson (age 5) shows his all time favourite dream where he is in Disney Land meeting Mickey Mouse with his Mum and lots of sweets.

16 - ALONE ALL DAY OR NIGHT IN A TOY SHOP (3.1%). This dream often involved the child being left in a huge toy shop where they could play all night and normally did not have to go to school the day after.

For some it was just an unlimited supermarket sweep visit but they could take all the time they wanted to buy anything in the shop.

Seven year old Darcy shows her ideal toy shop dream which involves lots of LOL dolls

17 - JOURNEYS IN A ROCKET SHIP (2.7%). Journeys sometimes around the Earth but normally into space on a rocket came in as the 17th favourite child’s dream.

Some would go into deep space …some towards the sun but the majority were happy to just land on the Moon.

Here Charlie (age 7 ½ ) meets up with Buzz Lightyear for his moon visit dream

18 – IN PIRATE SHIPS HUNTING TREASURE (2.5%). Almost three percent of children mentioned Pirate ship adventures as the favourite dream they wanted to have at night.

“In my best dream I was a pirate on a treasure hunt to far away lands and everytime I get close to the treasure I wake up. I looked forward all day to going back to sleep when I can find out where my treasure is. Eventually I found it”!

Eve want’s to dream about finding treasure on a Desert Island.

19- SCORING THE WINNING GOAL / TRY/ RUN FOR THEIR NATIONAL (OR LOCAL) TEAM (1.3%). Cricket and rugby both featured in this desirable dream but the majority of children surveyed wanted to score the winning goal in a cup final for their national or local team. One boy scored the winner for Watford, most scored for England.

On this Dream Wish Note Tomos from Glamorgan has just scored the world cup winner for Wales.


My favourite dream is when Cinderella comes into my bedroom to play, we have a slide and trampoline in there too.

Actually being in the Minecraft game, Scooby Doo or Hogwarts were other examples of the 20th most popular dream.

Jessica (age 7) uses a Dream Pillow Dream Wish Note to write her favourite dream where she dances with Snoopy and bunnies in a field.

HONOURABLE MENTIONS These are some of the dreams that we like but which had less than 1% of the vote.

"I love to dream I had a Baby brother or sister I could take on holiday"

My oldest told me that "I turned into a carrot and I stood their staring at him"

Popular dream was for it to snow so hard that we didn't have to go to school ( or just that school was closed)

Meeting or seeing a dead Grandparent again.


Some adults and children do not remember their dreams but around 5% talk in their sleep exposing similar randomness.

My youngest must have some really strange dreams he recently blurted out "Do you work here or do you just do the cleaning?".

One child exclaimed "It`s easy we get the teddies to do the washing up"

Another requested "Get me the inflatable toads Dad"


1 - A NATURAL PARADISE (16.4%) Most of the time a desert island or deserted beach.

My favourite is being on a deserted island beach with all my family…somehow we still have WI-FI though.

Living on a remote island with everything I need./ I had a lovely dream about swimming in a woodland pool into which tumbled a waterfall. It wasn't cold at all, but I know it would be in real life

2 - FLYING DREAMS (15.6%) I love my flying dreams - I do all sorts of mad acrobatic manoeuvres but nobody is impressed that I can fly! / Flying at will through the city I live in / Where I can fly, I take a run up and away I go it’s amazing. I never want these dreams to end / when I am able to fly is the best dream (like swimming in the air).

3 - WINNING BIG (12.3%) Almost always winning the lottery and giving up work. Sometimes enabling a life goal to be achieved. My favourite dream is the dream where I win the Euro lottery and then buy a dog rescue centre. I usually end up being licked to death in the dream, which is weird but wonderful!

4 - MEETING LATE RELATIVES OR PEOPLE WE HAVE BEEN REALLY CLOSE TO. (11.2%). My favourite dream was seeing my son again. He became an angel at three years old so dreams and memories are all I have / remember I told you about that dream I had where my Mother, who is deceased, came for a while and chatted and made much of me just as we did in the old days. It was amazing but when I woke my cheeks were running wet any dream in which I get to see and talk to my lovely Mum who has been gone 9 years now. / I dreamt that I got to visit my Dad one more time in heaven xx/ my favourite dream was meeting up with people i have lost to have a good catch up. Feel so real like I could remember the touch and the smell / The one that sticks out for me is the one where I dreamt about a family get together and all our relatives who had passed were with us. A happy but sad dream but it was lovely to see them.

5 - MEETING / GETTING TO KNOW A CELEBRITY / VIP (6.6%). My favourite dream was one where I was on a beach digging, I then jumped into a pool where I found loads of treasure, and I ended up being sooo rich, then dream switch, and I was buying microwave dinners with Tom Selleck?!

6 - TAKING FAMILY / CHILDREN ON A DREAM HOLIDAY (5.6%). In more than two thirds of cases this was to Disney Land....most of the other dreams relate to beach holidays. One lady was just delighted to find out it wasn't Monday! I dreamt it was Monday morning and when I woke up it was Sunday bonus an extra day off lol

7 - MEETING FRIENDS / LOVED ONES (5.4%) - My favourite dream which is reoccurring, is that I'm driving around, everywhere, picking people up from past and present and catching up with them all, then dropping them off, and picking others up. The thing is I don't drive, so I'm really disappointed when I wake up!

8 - WORKING WITH OR BEING CLOSE TO ANIMALS (4.7%). - I dream I have a farmhouse with lots of land....but no farm animals...instead I have lots of land and lots of Rescue Spaniels from the kill stations all living with me in this Fabulous is my best dream / I'm in Borneo up a tree with an orangutan /

9 - LIVING IN OR BUILDING A DREAM HOUSE WITH A NICE JOB AND CAR (4.4%). Mine is I live in a chateau surrounded by a moat with 4 turrets /

My favourite dream is when I was living my perfect life.. dream job, house, car.. I tried so hard to go back to sleep after I woke up Haha / My favorite dream is that someone comes in and decorates my whole house while I'm asleep. / I find a building in the woods with secret stairs and corridors and stables then end up living there as no one comes back to claim it,

10 - BEING A HERO OR FAMOUS (3.4%). I had a dream we were coming back from holiday and as we were half way through the flight there was a announcement that the pilot had been taken ill and they wanted someone to help fly plane..... so I said i'll do it when I got to cockpit I had to fly it myself as both pilots were down weather outside was terrible thundering lightning plane was all over people were screaming and I managed to bring it in to land everyone was cheering and clapping / Dreamt I was a soldier during a war and saved loads of lives. / My favourite dreams have always been a replay of a favourite film or TV show, but the starring role goes to me /

11 - EATING AS MUCH CHOCOLATE & CAKE AND DRINKING AS MUCH WINE AS I LIKE (2.7%). Eating chocolate all day without putting on any weight! I had a dream there was a tree that grew devils food cake in my garden it was a lovely dream until I fell out of bed reaching for one in my sleep.

12 – ROMANTIC TYPE ENCOUNTERS OR HOLIDAYS (2.8%) - My favourite is when I am riding a beautiful chestnut horse along a sandy beach, holding tightly onto Johnny Depp. Had a weird dream about Justin Bieber once!! Like I'm probably old enough to be his mom haha I think it must be because it's all my eldest talked about lol / Dating my idol at the time Cliff Richard / Meeting Jason Statham on a nudist beach / My favourite dream is that I was stuck on a desert island with Paul Hollywood / Strapped to James Bond in a parachute / I can’t tell you about my favourite dream I would blush. / My favourite dream involved James Hetfield of Metallica but I can't give more detail as it was X-rated!

13 - DECEASED PETS COMING TO VISIT (2.3%). A popular theme involving pets from hamsters up to horses and everything in between.

14 - FEELING REFRESHED AND ENERGISED AFTER QUALITY REST / SLEEP. (1.7%). - A significant amount of adults suffer from extreme tiredness / insomnia or fatigue to the extent that no longer feeling tired becomes a highly desirable dream in it's own right.

15 - SPORTING SUCCESS (1.4%). My all time favourite dream is running in a 100m final..... and winning!

16 - HAVING A SUPER POWER (1.2%). That I had magical powers to help people as long as I didn’t tell them it was me! / My favourite dream was when I could bend the laws of physics (so it wasn't just one ability I had)...I could be invisible, I could fly, I could speed through time or make it come to an absolute stop. Then I woke up with poor eyesight and dubious coordination...

17 - HAVING THEIR WEDDING DAY AGAIN (1.1%). Ground hog day repeating over and over where I have my wedding exactly as it was...but I could just correct the very slight things that went wrong!

18 - A LIFE FREE FROM TRAUMA, DISABILITY AND PAIN (0.8%). My best dream I ever had was my son being able to walk for the first time. He has spina bifida so hasn’t been able to yet / Just walking hand in hand just talking with my husband along the beach the sand between our toes and watching the sunset as we’d walked and talked for so long....we sat down I woke up... I use crutches or walking aides or wheelchair so it was magical whether dream lasted 5 mins or 30mins / my fave dream is when I'm able to climb a mountain, though need a knee op before I can even walk to the end of the street lol! /

19 - GOING BACK TO BEING A CHILD AGAIN (0.8%). My dream is all about being ickle again in the our family home playing hospital on the stairs with my teddies and my sister,,, when life was simple and everybody I love was still with us xxxx

20 - POLITICAL DREAM (0.5%). - Several people considered a certain political outcome their best ever dream

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